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Beauty and the Beef

Ground Burger Bundles - 20 lbs

Ground Burger Bundles - 20 lbs

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Burger bundles are sold in bulk so you can stock your freezer! Did you know the average family burger cookout uses 1.5 lbs of ground beef and the average taco night uses 2 lbs of ground beef? That adds up fast - our customers love stocking up on their ground beef!

If you're like me, you have a package of burger thawed and ready to cook at any given moment. Burger is the most versatile beef option as you can use it in endless recipes from quick and easy to decadent and gourmet! Our burger comes in 1 pound packages.

This bundle is a great way to quickly stock up on beef in your freezer. 

Price Includes:

- Having a relationship with your rancher and knowing that your cow was lovingly raised

- All butchering and processing fees

- All items are professionally packaged with our custom labeling

- All meat is flash froze to ensure freshness, quality, and flavor

- Burger comes in the fun chub stuff sacks - my favorite!

- 100% Satisfaction guarantee

- FREE SHIPPING within Continental US from our ranch to your door! 

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