Just 100 years ago...

The journey of our food from farm to table was clear and cherished. Today, we find ourselves estranged from this process, not knowing where our food came from, or how it's been treated.

We believe in the power of knowing that your beef comes from a place of integrity, where animals are raised with compassion and the land is nurtured with care.

Sadie Pinkey @hiswildflowerfarm
Anna’s beef is some of the BEST grass fed beef my family has ever tasted! We received a box of multiple cuts that we have enjoyed thoroughly. Her beef is extremely tender and absolutely delicious. You can tell the quality and attention to detail is in everything she does with her cattle. We highly recommend purchasing from Beauty and the Beef if you are looking for top quality nourishing beef products. You won’t be sorry! You can taste the difference between store bought beef and intentionally and ethically raised beef. Her beef is a no brainer choice in my opinion!
Lindsay Etemadipour @wellnesswithlinds
Beauty and the Beef truly excels in every aspect - quality, taste, and overall excellence. I love their meat and not to mention its a fantastic family owned company. Prior to discovering Anna and Beauty and the Beef, I never fully appreciated how much I was compromising by opting for beef from the grocery store. My husband and I actually did a taste test with the ground beef because I was convinced it tasted so much better — and it did! My husband totally agreed. I think its fantastic knowing where your meat is coming from and Anna does such an incredible job not only showing the ranch on her social media, but showing us the process the cattle go through. We are obsessed!
Emmalee Thompson @emmaleeawake
If you have never tried meat from animals who have lived a beautiful life, let me assure you that the taste is completely different. It is so rich and tender, and you’ll never be able to return to conventionally raised meat again. On top of the flavor, the knowledge that your food was well-cared for increases gratitude for the animal and the nourishment it provides. My husband and I actually found a local-to-us grass fed and finished farmer and tried ordering from him, but his meat does not have the same richness in taste that Anna’s does.
Tara Lowther @themaverickmama
I absolutely LOVE my Beauty and The Beef boxes! I can't recommend them enough! The meat always gets delivered so fast and is still frozen. The cuts are always beautiful with just the right amount of fat and marbling. I think it's so awesome how Anna cares for her cows! I follow her on Instagram and love being able to see the daily lives of the beef I will be consuming, and see proof right there how well it is cared for. Plus, it's so cool that I can personally know my rancher. Her getting to know me and my family ensures that she cares about providing us the highest quality and safest product. That means the world to me because you are what you eat.
Rachel & Carly @kale.blossom
We have been blown away by the quality of meat from Beauty and the Beef! Upon first glance, you can tell just by its color, the utmost love & care has been given to produce such a product. Everything we've tried is melt-in-your-mouth delicious! We especially love the Ancestral Blend - the perfect proportion of beef + organ meat!  Anna's passion for her ranch shows - we're so grateful to have connected with her and will continue to purchase her beef!
Brandi Rondinelli @motherhenshomestead
Indulging in grass-fed and finished beef from this small ranch farm in Montana was an absolute delight! Knowing that the cattle roamed freely on lush pastures, feeding on nutrient-rich grasses, added to the satisfaction of each mouthful. Not only does this beef taste superior, but it also offers the reassurance of being a healthier choice, with higher levels of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. I highly recommend supporting this small ranch farm and savoring the exceptional quality of their grass-fed and finished beef.

Nourish your family

From our ranch to your table

On our ranch, every action is taken with the land and animals in mind — exceptional beef is simply a natural outcome. We believe that by nurturing the earth and our livestock with care, they reward us with wholesome, flavorful meals for our daily lives.

Partner with us in ranching, and you'll forge a deep connection to the vibrant lives of these animals and the fertile land they graze.

  • Raising Beef with Love & Respect

    Every animal on our ranch is treated with the utmost care and respect, reflecting our commitment to their well-being and your peace of mind.

  • Always Free from GMOs, Corn, and Soy

    Whether choosing our 100% Grass Fed or our Signature Light-Grain Finish, our cattle only eat what nature provides on the lands they roam.

  • Connecting to Your Food Source

    Experience a profound connection to your meals, knowing the journey of your beef from our pastures to your plate.

  • Stewarding Land for The Future

    Our regenerative ranching approach maintains nature's balance, nurturing the land to support cattle raising for many generations to come.

  • Know Your Rancher Personally

    Connect with the source of your beef, ensuring transparency, trust, and a personal touch that distinguishes our ranch from the rest.

  • Enhancing Your Eating Experience

    Indulge in beef that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also contributes to your health, nourishing body and soul.

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  • Reserve Your Beef Share

    Select the ideal beef bundle for your family, securing your share of ethically raised, premium beef. Your early commitment supports our sustainable ranching efforts.

  • Ranch With Us From Home

    Join us on a virtual journey as we raise your beef with care and respect for nature. Get updates and insights, witnessing firsthand how your beef is nurtured to perfection.

  • Embrace A New Tradition

    Delight in the unmatched quality and taste of your beef, knowing it comes from a place of genuine care for the land and animals. Experience the joy of meals that truly connect you to your food's origins.


Hi! I'm Anna, from Montana

I'm so happy to be connecting with you! I'm a 3rd generation rancher, fortunate to be ranching alongside my parents and my husband in a tiny ranching town of Montana. It's the 4 of us that make everything happen here at the ranch, and it's you that makes this all possible in the first place! The incredible love and support we've received from our growing beef family fills my soul and keeps me working hard each day to bring you the best possible beef you can get your hands on.

If our values align with each other, I'd be honored to be your rancher. Pull a chair up, there's room for you at our table.

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