Little Easter Eggs

Little Easter Eggs

We have officially began calving season!

So far, all heifers (girls) which isn't totally unusual. My Mom always says that the boys take a little more time. With each new calf Mom and Dad call me or I call them and we say "did you find the new Easter Egg"? I little game of who found it first that we like to play this time of year. 

We've been getting lots of little Spring flurries coming through. Bright and sunny one moment, raining or snowing the next. But the temps remain pretty consistently "warm" enough....lows in the 20s and highs in the 40s for the most part. 

DJ got home on Wednesday night and then late last night we picked Indy up from the airport and got back to the ranch at about midnight.

Indy is the vet student from England that came to spend some time with us through calving season. She is the sweetest gal and I can already tell she will be a delight to have here with us for the next several days.

We are going to of course do all things calving around here, sharing anything I know to hopefully be of help for her. And we are going to go tour a butcher facility next week - Indy is really interested in the beef cattle industry and that is one of the reasons she wanted to come spend time with us. We are also hoping to get a day at our local vet clinic where Indy can shadow our personal ranch vet for a day.....we are lucky that our ranch vet is also my besties, so she is happy to make this happen for Indy and I!  And of course, driving the Big Girls and hopefully getting up into the mountains for a horse ride or two. 

We are doing DJ's family Easter get together tomorrow. There will be an Easter Egg hunt for the "big kids" and the little kids....Rumor has it there are 3 eggs that will have money in them and I have no doubt the competitiveness in us all will come out! 

I'm really looking forward to our Easter Sunday church service and getting to share that with Indy. 

I hope you have a wonderful Easter Weekend ahead and that we get to reflect on what we are celebrating - the great sacrifice Jesus made for our own salvation and the rejoicing of his resurection on Easter Sunday.

Forever grateful for you!

Your Rancher,
Anna from Montana

PS - I have big news to share with you next week, can't wait!!

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