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Beauty and the Beef

Ancestral Ground Burger - 20 lbs - Grass Finished

Ancestral Ground Burger - 20 lbs - Grass Finished

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This is a blend of our signature ground beef + beef liver + beef heart.

We designed this burger blend to incorporate the many benefits of beef organ meat into your every day ground burger. This gives you the same nourishing vitamins and minerals that our ancestors thrived on, while enjoying the same taste and texture you're accustomed to in your modern day diet.

This blend is about 90% ground burger 10% organ meat.

This is an excellent way to "sneak" the organ meat benefits into your daily diet and have the whole family enjoy it, too! 

The Ancestral Blend comes from our 100% Grass Fed, Grass Finished beef. These cattle are pasture raised right here on our sustainable ranch in Helmville, MT. They enjoy big wide open spaces under the Big Sky of Montana while drinking fresh mountain stream water. They eat nothing but our native grasses in valley pastures and mountain meadows, along with our chemical free hay that we harvest right here at the ranch.

Your beef share includes:

- Having a relationship with your rancher and knowing that your cow was lovingly raised

- All butchering and processing fees

- All items are professionally packaged with our custom labeling

- All meat is flash froze to ensure freshness, quality, and flavor

- Burger comes in 1 lb vacuum sealed packaging.

- 100% Satisfaction guarantee

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