I'm Retiring!

I'm Retiring!

I've been holding onto some big news and am so excited to finally be sitting down to share that I have RETIRED! As of last Friday, 2/16, I have officially retired from my "real job", which was working as the Tax Manager for a large regional bank.

I know I'm far too young at age 34 to "retire" (and have way too much work ahead of me to really consider this retirement) but the word "quit" just didn't sound right either. So, I'm sticking with "retired"!

I've always been the practical gal -  the gal that finished high school in 3 years and then worked hard to get through college, happily working three jobs to come out the other end debt free (hard work is a friend of mine - something my parents taught me from an early age). The gal who dove into my professional career as a CPA for the last nearly 15 years, building a career I know I'll always be grateful for and proud of.

I've done all the "things I should". I've done the practical things - "go to college, get a good, stable, well-paying job, be a responsible adult".

Now it's time for me to jump into my passion project full time, to follow my heart, my life's purpose, my deeper calling.

I'm officially now a full time Rancher and Beef Lady!!!

I've thrown my steady paycheck to the wind so I can fill my soul with what means the most to me. I'm partnering with Mother Nature, committing to weather the storm with her through the cold snaps she sends along with the coming heat waves of summer. Come rain, shine, drought, or long winters, I'm as excited as I've ever been to officially be a full-time rancher. 

And, really, I'm partnering with you
. Committing to continually bring you the best beef possible. Making my vows to this land, to these animals, and to my mission of connecting you to your food source so you can experience this profound difference. 

I can't thank you enough for believing in me, for rooting me on as I've grown my little beef business. The kind words you've shared with me, and all your incredible support mean the absolute world to me. 

I'll be working hard to bring you the very best beef I can. And, truly, I hope you come visit us at the ranch sometime. The relationships, like ours, built through this beef business have been an absolute joy for me.

I pray for our little beef family often and I'm always hoping for the very best for you!

Your Rancher,
Anna from Montana

PS - I still have a great variety of bundles in stock if you're needing to reload your freezer mid-winter!

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