Calving Season is Coming - Ranch Update

Calving Season is Coming - Ranch Update

We're getting ready for all things calving season - one of my favorite times of the year! We time our calving season with Mother Nature's changing of the seasons.

We turn our bulls out to begin breeding on Summer Solstice, which means our babies start arriving by about the first day of Spring each year (March 19th this year). I love that natural timing, Spring brings the longer days, the renewal of life, and the arrival of babies for many wildlife - making it the natural time for the baby calves to arrive as well. 

We have something extra special happening this calving season....

A while back a gal from the UK reached out to ask if she could come spend some time with us during calving season. She is a vet student in Liverpool, interested in large animal vet work, and is especially interested in learning more about the entire life cycle of an animal - birth to harvest. 

I was totally flattered that she reached out to us as her choice of a place to come learn from! And what a testament of the good that can come from social media, connecting people that otherwise would never cross paths. 

She will arrive the end of March, perfect timing for when we are in full swing of calving season. We are super excited to have her here with us and to also have an extra set of helping hands during such a busy time of year!

Can't wait to share calving updates with you as the babies start to arrive. You can also catch my updates on Instagram here.

The other exciting thing lately is that we put new lighting in what we call "Grandpa's Shop".

A few years ago, much to my parents' dismay, I took a 5-minute class to become a "YouTube Certified" Electrician and decided to re-wire all the outlets and light switches in my house (which used to be my grandparent's house). Let me just say, I now know the importance of checking each outlet to make sure the breaker is off....and also what it feels like to blow a hole in a pair of pliers with a hot wire. 

Anyway, my Father-in-Law is an actual I've been getting some real, official, electrical training lately. I even got some electrical tools for Christmas. And one of our first little projects was wiring in new lighting to Grandpa's shop, which is where we've been packing beef orders lately.

It's the little things that make a big difference. I am so excited for my next wave of beef shipments that we'll pack in Grandpa's Shop, working under our new lights! 

I'd love to include a box for you in my next pack out, which will be shipping directly to you the week of March 18th. 

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Your Rancher,
Anna from Montana


Dad lifted us up in the tractor bucket, so my head is just touching the ceiling here, and I'm wiring in one of the new lights...with close supervision from Chuck and DJ...they know my track record... ;)  

The wiring crew - Chuck (my FIL), my Dad (Wade) in the tractor, DJ (my hubby) and I. These boys help make all my dreams come to fruition - I'd be lost without them.

Our last night of working in the dark before the new lighting is ready - very exciting!

And a pic of my beautiful cows on a beautiful snowy morning getting their morning scratches. This was taken beginning of February and most of this snow has melted off since then.

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