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Beauty and the Beef

Custom Made Kitchen Towels

Custom Made Kitchen Towels

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Custom Made Kitchen Towels- thoughtfully designed and sewn by my friend Erin Graveley*. 

Every kitchen gains it's own personality and it's own shine through handmade treasures like these kitchen towels designed to hang from your oven door!

One of a kind, custom designed, you won't find these anywhere else! 

I am a collector of specialty kitchen items, just like these. They brighten my days spent in the kitchen, that fun little "something special" to help enhance the cooking experience!

I also love gifting kitchen items to my gal pals (the perfect gift for that someone that is hard shop for!).

*Erin is a hard working ranch momma from our valley. She is one of those gals that is skilled in just about everything, with sewing being one of her true passions and joys. Like Erin doesn't have enough on her to-do list, she still happily agreed to select custom fabrics - just for us here at Beauty and the Beef, these can't be found anywhere else! - and hand sew these kitchen treasures.

Erin buys many of her fabrics from a local mercantile that carries the most wonderful fabrics, and is ran by another local ranching family. 

Through your purchase you are supporting a collaborative of 3 ranching families, from our beautiful Blackfoot Valley in Montana. 

Erin and her husband Will also helped us to pack our 2023 Fall Harvest customer orders and ship them to over 100 families across the country. Beauty and the Beef is a collaborative effort, and I'm so thankful to have the help, love, and support of Erin and so many others!

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